Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Happy New Year peoples!! First of all apologies for taking so long to update; I’m not even going to make excuses, cos I really haven’t got any , except that my days have been filled up with preparing for my impending trip to Naija.

THE GOOD: My trip to Naija is finally nigh! I’ll be jetting off to my good ol’ motherland next week Monday ; I’m soooo excited and cant wait. Seriously, I’m really vitamin D deficient right now due to a lack of sunshine over the past 5 months, so the heat and sunshine will be very much welcome! I’m going to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding. Hmmm… should be interesting – Hopefully there will be some gist to fill you all in when I get back. I’m not looking forward to the journey, though; I live in Port Harcourt and at the moment the International airport is closed for repairs( or whatever) so I’m flying to Abuja from London , then I’ll have to get a local flight to Owerri then drive down to P.H!!! Not funny at all!

In other random news, I went shopping on Sunday and I popped into Body Shop (which I don’t do very often) and when I went to pay for my items, I was offered a store discount card. It works like this - you get your card stamped for every purchase over £10 and when you get stamped 6 times, you receive a free gift worth £10. The criteria for getting this card was that my birthday (or the birthday of a close friend/ family member) has to be in January . No member of my family was born in January , and I couldn’t remember any of my friend’s birthdays straight away. Then I remembered one person who hasn’t stopped going on about her birthday this month… VERA! She’s even doing a countdown to the d-day on her blog. Anyway, Vera, thanks for making that date stick in my head cos I put it down on my application for a discount card (don’t worry I didn’t give your name;) You should be happy – it means I consider you as a member of my (blog) family. lol!

THE BAD: As I type this I’m lying in bed, just recovering from a bout of food-poisoning. It was all down to some dodgy crab meat I had on Sunday. The bad thing is that my brother, sister and dad ate it too ,so we were all struck down. Fortunately we didn’t all happen to be in the house at the same time (my dad’s gone to Italy, my sister went out of town) so there was no danger of us having to fight for the only bathroom in the house! Now that would have been the real disaster!!!

THE WEIRD: I came across this website on Young Miss Williams’ blog. It has this face recognition thingy where you can upload your picture and it scans the image and tells you which celebrity/ celebrities you most resemble on a scale of 50-100%. So I uploaded my picture and here are the (baffling) results I got:

  1. Gabrielle Union – 76% I don’t think I particularly look like her, but if you say so…
  2. Halle Berry – 75% Now that’s more like it!!
  3. Beyonce Knowles – 71% Hmmm…
  4. Brandy – 63% Is it cos I is black?!
  5. Sophie Ellis Bextor – 59% Ok, then.
  6. Shu Qi – 59% whoever she is!
  7. Mischa Barton (from the OC) – 58% No comment
  8. Nicollete Sheridan (from Desperate Housewives)- 56% Why not Eva Longoria??
  9. Amerie – 55% Fine by me
  10. Billie Piper – 56% WHHHAAATTTT???!!!

A weird comparison, considering the fact that numbers 5 to 10 happen to be white (with the exception of Amerie). And who the heck is Shu Qi, anyways???