Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hey everyone!
Phew! It seems like only yesterday I was lying in bed recovering from a bout of food poisoning and posting my last blog. Six months have gone by pretty quickly. Y'all may find it hard to believe, but from time to time I do check up on the odd blog (though I dont leave any comments) just to see what's going on. You may also be wondering why I've been off the circuit for so long... and I could start spewing all the usual excuses... 'I've been too busy with work, studies, family, etc'. But I'm not going to bore you with all that .
Lets just say I'm glad to be back on the scene, though I cant promise that I'll be posting regularly (when have I ever done that? lol). But I will definitely start revisiting my favourite blogs and dropping a comment or two.

PS: thanks to my fellow bloggers who left comments on my blog during my long haitus; it's so touching to know that I've been missed!